Mastermind Education for a Cause: High Tea Charity Event

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Would you like to connect, have some fun and learn with other professional women on the Gold Coast, whilst raising some money for the Women’s Legal Service?

If so, why not join us for an informative, fun afternoon and connecting with like-minded people?

Our Speaker

Natalie-DavidsonNatalie Davidson

Natalie Davidson is committed to the prevention of domestic violence in our community. Since 1997 Natalie has worked at Women’s Legal Service to recruit and support 100 volunteers who provide free legal and welfare help to at risk women and their children.

Over the past two years Natalie has focused on fundraising due to the ever increasing demand on Women’s Legal Service. Natalie brings a twenty year career in the not-for-profit sector.

Our Entertainment

Sveta-Lana-Jankowiak‘Sveta with the big hair direct from Russia – well almost!?’
‘Sveta’ is the creation of Lana Jankowiak, whose journey of self-discovery as she learned about her heritage was the inspiration for her character. Lana’s Russian mother and Ukrainian father, who met in a war camp, migrated to Australia from Germany in 1947. With Russian music, singing and dancing playing such a regular role in her life growing up in the western suburbs of Adelaide, amateur theatre and performance have become life-long passions for Lana.

Although her professional journey took Lana into the field of welfare and education, in her personal life, she dreamed of writing and performing her own show….but as she grew older she pondered about fulfilling this dream before she had to move to a nursing home!? BUT she did it!

Sveta has her own cabaret show “The Sickle of Life” – it tells the story of coming to Australia in search of love, and has been invited to MC various Conferences and Events, including weddings!” Sveta is to Russia what Dame Edna is to Mooney Ponds.” You can read more about ‘Sveta on here website here.

The Details

The details for Mastermind Education for a Cause are as follows:

  • Time: 3.00pm-6.00pm
  • Date: Friday October 23, 2015
  • Venue is Lakelands Golf Club – 100 Merrimac Drive (off Gooding Drive), Merrimac 4226.
  • Cost: $59.00 (includes high tea and champagne on arrival, entertainment and goodie bag).

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Our Sponsors

More information on the Women’s Legal Service

Womens-Legal-Service-Logo-JPEGWomen’s Legal Service provides free legal and welfare help to Queensland women and their children whose lives are affected by domestic violence. Each day we assist women toward safer futures for themselves and their children.

Women’s Legal Service exists because of the prevalence of domestic violence and limited options for free legal support for women and their children.

Women’s Legal Service has provided free legal and welfare help to Queensland women for 31 years. Over this time over 65,000 women and their children have received help. Women’s Legal Service operates the following programs:

  • Statewide Legal Advice Line (3 mornings and 1 afternoon per week),
  • Evening Legal Advice sessions (two nights per week),
  • Domestic violence duty lawyer service at Holland Park Magistrates Court,
  • Legal outreach to the Women’s Prison and Family Relationships Centres,
  • Complex legal case work appointments, and
  • Safety planning.

Each year Women’s Legal Service helps 3,700 women and their children. Thousands more women contact the service and cannot be assisted because of resource constraints.

Over 90% of women assisted by the service are affected by domestic violence, have limited or no financial resources and experience multiple forms of disadvantage. The majority of women assisted by the service have children in their care and a high proportion seek advice on safe contact arrangements for their children where there has been a history of domestic violence.

Fundraising from the Mastermind Education for a Cause will contribute to starting a new Help Line operated by Women’s Legal Service to provide greater access to free legal assistance to Queensland women and their children affected by domestic violence.

Activities of the Help Line and key features will include:

  • Employment of call centre technology to inform women of their position in the queue and estimated time on hold (this activity will also provide clear reporting on caller data and assist with demand management),
  • All callers on hold will receive messages about key information and resources available on the Women’s Legal Service website,
  • Expansion of Help Line services to 5 days per week, 9am-3pm (instead of the current limited hours of 9.30am-1.30pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and 1.30pm-4.30pm Wednesdays),
  • Staffing by 2 paralegals (instead of the current arrangement of one lawyer), and
  • Operate a triaging model with urgent matters assisted by staff lawyers as soon as practicable and non-urgent matters assisted by the 100 Women’s Legal Service volunteer lawyers according to a new appointment based system.

The most significant expected outcome and impact of the Help Line will be a 700% increase in calls answered from Queensland women who need help with their domestic violence matter. This will equate to an increase from the current 1,000 calls answered per year to over 7,000.

The other expected outcomes from the Help Line will be far better client experience and greater access to assistance. The technology to be implemented as a key component of the Help Line will enable quick reporting on the number of calls, the location of callers and the number of missed calls. This feature will assist the service to measure the reach of the Help Line and implement strategies to assist women’s access justice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date for the Mastermind Education for a Cause?
The date for the 2015 Mastermind Education for a Cause is September 18.
I am a business or business owner, do you have sponsorships available?
es we do – more details can be found here.

How much does the Mastermind Education for a Cause cost?
The cost to participate in the Mastermind Education for a Cause is $59AUD.
Do you offer refunds?
No – all sales are final on the Mastermind Education for a Cause participants.
More Questions??
Please e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why did we create Mastermind Education for A Cause?


After meeting and listening to many women in business, Ilona and Jane saw a need for Mastermind Education for Women in Business. We investigated what was happening on the Gold Coast and found there was limited choice for professional and executive women in business to come together, listen and learn from other experienced professionals and build strong relationships. Subsequently, Mastermind Education for Women in Business was created – supporting Female Business Owners and Executives to live their purpose and goals through the sharing of knowledge, ideas, strategies, systems and personal success stories, whilst utilising a peer accountability system.

The Mastermind Education for a Cause: High Tea Fundraising Event was a follow-on from these events and is focused on connecting and bringing together professional and executive women on the Gold Coast, whilst raising money for a worthwhile cause.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”      ~ Margaret Mead