Fixed Fee

At Commercial Law Group, we charge a fee that will be transparent right from the start. Unlike other law firms, we don’t charge by every 6 minutes and we only work on a fixed fee basis.  There will be no surprises when you receive our invoice as our fixed fee is made known to you before you engage us! Because we are focused on finding solutions, we don’t need to charge for every minute interval to do this but rather indicate at the outset what the cost of the solution will be.

You’ll be surprised how affordable we are and yet, you will receive the same quality advice and service from a experienced professional in this industry, who genuinely cares about the success of your business.

We can also offer to be your in-house lawyer if you need one but can’t have one due to head count restrictions or other budget restraints.  You will find our fixed fee monthly retainer to be very competitive.  We can spend time at your office for a few hours or a few days to health check your business or deal with the legal aspects of your business that might have accumulated over a period of time.