Practice Areas

Commercial Law Group provides a dedicated service in select areas of law that we know best.

  • Online Businesses

We have particular experience in helping businesses who only operate online or those who have an online element to their business or even those looking to start up a new business online or convert their current face to face model to an online concept.  In the online format, you will need assistance with advice on how to manage blogs or reviews by others to help you with reputational risk.

You will also need a range of advertising advice on the products or services you promote on your website, or trade competition permits.

We can draft website terms and conditions for online businesses, or online retailers to cover privacy and spam disclosures and also advise on warranty or refund claims, as well as the proper management of customer complaints.

  • Contracts

We can work with businesses if they need a contract drafted, revised  and negotiated, or if a contract needs to be reviewed so that businesses understand their possible exposures. This covers all types of agreements such as consultancy agreements, shareholder agreements, franchisee agreements, software licensing agreements, service agreements, supply agreements or distribution agreements.

  • Employment

Often businesses need help with drafting executive contracts, restraints of trade and confidentiality agreements, right through to needing some help with an employee which might result in termination of that person’s employment.  We have experience in employee restructuring, redundancies and the streamlining of position descriptions as well as the drafting of employment policies, particularly to cover emerging social media issues. We can also assist with advice on bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation matters.

  • Leases

We work with tenants to help them negotiate a new commercial lease, renew their retail lease, exercise an option or a rent reduction or abatement.  We can negotiate with your landlord in the event of a dispute and even minimise your exposure where a lease needs to be assigned or surrendered.

  • Buy/Sell

Our experience extends to helping clients buy or sell a business, covering the drafting or negotiation of a business sale contract, and advice on the assignment of associated matters such as employee contracts, transfer of assets, assignment of the lease and even any liquor or other associated licences.

If your matter does not fall into any of the above areas, you’ll you be happy to know we have a number of strategic alliance partners who can help us provide you with packaged advice.  Ask us how we can do this.